How do they find your business?

I talked to a number of people today about their websites… not their mobile website, their current desktop websites. I heard some very interesting information about business owners thoughts on how they think their customers find them.  I will list the responses to this question “How do you think people are searching for your business?” in no important order.

They go to Yelp and look us up.

They ask their friends for our contact information.

They go to google and search for locksmith and we show up and they call us.

They go online and look for vets… and hopefully we show up.

They go to a local blog and read about us.

As you can see business owners have many ideas on how people are finding them. What I can tell you is all of the previous statements are true. But they are true for only some of their customers and it is not the majority of their customers.

According to search statistics people are searching on their mobile phones with one of the main search engines more than 54% of the time… normally google but bing and yahoo have some searches going on.

Then they are finding the place or information they are looking for and click on the link for that source. They then will give the site 4.5 seconds to get the information they need. So if they need to search your desktop optimized website for a phone number, menu, directions or whatever it better be easy to find. Sadly most websites are currently not easy to find any info while on the small screen of a smart phone.

Therefore the lesson is get your site optimized for smart phones. If you don’t you will be losing more and more customers because more and more customers are getting and searching while on their smartphones not while sitting at a desktop. There are many places you can do this.  There are almost free services you can do it yourself and there are services like that are more full service. Either way get yourself set up with mobile website, your customers are asking you nicely at this point. But soon they will stop tolerating websites/companies that don’t give them the things they need easily and quickly.


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