Rand Fishkin… the real deal

We just had our November event for Startup Grind and it was with Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz. He was a great guest and was willing to spend an extra hour afterwards talking with attendees. He even set down with one person for a short one on one chat. He is the the kind of CEO that is grown in the Seattle area. He is willing to help most anyone that asks for it.

He had some great insights about company culture and how to keep it going and how critical it is in the early stages of your company. He is very open about what and why he does what he does and has a “real” opinion about things. It was a great evening and for those who attended they really got to hear from someone who cares about the Seattle Startup ecosystem. Thanks Rand and keep up the great work at SEOmoz.

Our next event on Dec 18th is with Neil Patel from Kissmetrics. Go here to learn more and register.


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