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Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
Hello, nice to meet you! I have always enjoyed meeting new people. I have several things I do from nonprofit to protecting packages from theft but the overriding thing I enjoy is helping others build and grow ideas.
  • Birthplace:Wichita, Kansas
  • Hobbies:Basketball, Biking, Wine Tasting, Travel
  • Favorite sports team:Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Astrological Sign:Aquarius
  • Favorite Food:Thin Crust Pizza
  • Secret to Success:Do things you have not done before
  • Favorite People:Wife and Peju our cat

By nature, I am a curious leader who has experienced success, failure and everything in between. (6X founder) If you are looking for someone to help iterate on your idea and to help build and sell or market your new “service or product”, I could be your man. I look to share my experiences to save money and time in the product creation life cycle.

I thrive in inventive, fast-paced B2B and B2C environments that demand efficiency, results and growth. Having created (1 patent for Package Guard), marketed and shipped software products in numerous industries (raised angel investment of $3M+ for 3 companies), including, consumer goods, SaaS products, telecom and real estate, chaos is my friend; I know it well and harness that energy to make the most of every opportunity. (sold 2 companies) Have led the sales and marketing team in 2 companies from 0 to $2M and 1 company from 50K to $7M.

I am a builder of products and seeker of customer feedback. I have interviewed, learned and got connected to 100+ technology leaders over the past 6 years by hosting monthly events for founders, funders and others to learn, network and get inspired at Seattle Startup Grind .  I am constantly asking questions to learn about both the external and internal forces that must align at some point to reach success. Having led product development, marketing and sales many times I am always asking “will this feature help sell the product or service and does it provide any value to the user.”

Most of all, I love finding ways to enter new regions, unfamiliar markets or industries. I have invented, patented and marketed a consumer product in a new category. I started and sold one of the first wireless access mobile apps for the real estate industry before the iPhone… Yes there were mobile phones before iPhone. I know what it takes to get a new service or product to the market and it is never easy and can be very expensive. My goal is to help others avoid the pitfalls and find a few short cuts when they are creating their new product or service.

I also do a fair amount of public speaking to both young and old founders about the ups and downs of starting a company and of course creating great products and services.

If you would still like to learn more about me you can go here, subscribe to my YouTube channel, visit my LinkedIn profile or follow me on Twitter.

Survive the Streets

My wife and I started this nonprofit to help the homeless in Seattle in 1999. We have helped more than 4500 men and women during our annual pop up retail store to give away winter gear on Thanksgiving day.

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Startup Grind

Since 2012, I have interviewed 100+ startup leaders, during a monthly event to share their knowledge in front of a live audience of entrepreneurs. Startup Grind is an international volunteer run company with 400+ chapters.

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Package Guard

A product I invented because I had a box of coats stolen from my doorstep that was meant for the homeless. It is patented, trademarked and we continue to sell in the US.

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Amazing Airfare

This is a web based subscription service that curates airfares with deep discounts of more than 50% to international destinations from major airports in the US.

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