Rudy Gadre at Startup Grind

Rudy Gadre: Seattle is just more collegiate when it comes to Startups

If you were not at Startup Grind last night you missed a very interesting 75 minutes with Rudy. He shared his insights about what he thinks about why it can be better to start in Seattle instead of the Silicon Valley.  Seattlites tend to share more about what they are working on and are more willing to help one another. The phrase that many people remembered was “you can buy customers but you can’t buy engagement”.

Rudy was very open and extremely thoughtful in all of his comments and his passion

adam tratt haiku deck

Adam is in 40 markets around the world

Adam Tratt is Co-founder and CEO of Haiku Deck, the award-winning app for creating flawlessly beautiful presentations that has ranked #1 in productivity in 40+ markets around the world.

We are lucky to be able to get Adam for an evening at Startup Grind Seattle. He has been fortunate and talented enough to have recently raised a $3 million round from Madrona, Founders Co-op and others. His company Haiku Deck

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