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Come meet Jane Park and Julie Sandler

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Special Holiday Startup Grind Event Dec 4th at 6pm at Moz, We will have Julie Sandler from Madrona Ventures doing an interesting interview with Jane Park Co Founder of Julep. And the first 50 women to show up  will get a free gift of “Jane Favorites” . Look forward to seeing you on this very special Startup Grind event.

Jane Park Co Founder Julep

Jane is the co-founder and CEO of Julep, the only ecommerce beauty brand that takes a full-stack approach to product development, testing, and distribution. Under Jane’s direction, Julep has raised $56 million in funding from top-tier venture firms and quadrupled revenues each year over the past few years.

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Julie Sandler, Madrona Ventures

Julie is a Principal on the investment team at Madrona Venture Group, a Pacific Northwest venture capital firm focused on technology companies. Julie pursues new investment opportunities for Madrona, and is actively involved in Madrona’s portfolio companies and the firm’s activity in the startup community. She led Madrona’s investment in Julep, and is a board observer for several of Madrona’s portfolio companies, including buuteeq, Evocalize, Jintronix, Maxpoint, Rover.com, and SNUPI Technologies.

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Content is critical in selling

The 3 Words that Guarantee more Sales

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Content, Content, Content, Customers have more power and are able to gather more information about your product before you ever talk to them which forces you to sell differently. Information is free and readily available online. This goes for both B2B and B2C companies. If you were selling 5-10 years ago online and you are still selling the same way, whether it was online or offline, you had better

Chris devours Startup Grind in 3 bites

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May 22 will be an exciting day at Graham & Dunn Law Offices. Startup Grind will be hosting Chris DeVore, Startup Guy, Seed Stage Investor,  and a good human. Chris will be on the hot seat for a 75 minute interview to answer questions and share some of the insights from someone who has seen hundreds of deals, thousands of pitches and million of dollars invested over his career.  He likes investing in very early stage deals so he can help move the company along faster and hopefully with less mistakes along the way.

Chris helped start Founders Co-op in 2008.  They help extraordinary founding teams located *outside* Silicon Valley build companies that the best venture capital firms in the world choose to back. We’re also the guys behind TechStars Seattle, the region’s #1 accelerator program. Most important, we are a community of fellow founder-operators with hard-fought experience + personal networks spanning every aspect of building, scaling and exiting a high-growth technology business.

He also co founded Judys Book what seems like light years ago.  He left in late 2007 and then started Founders Co-op. He has more stories about starting, executing and exiting than most of us would have time to listen to but he will be at Startup Grind to share his experience with 75-85 fellow entrepreneurs at 6pm on May 22nd.  Be sure to come ready to listen, meet and be inspired by someone who absolutely loves the Seattle tech community. Chris believes this is the best place to start a company and has proven that you can be a successful investor as well as founder. Come join us and enjoy the people, wine, food and interview with Chris.

Whole lot of “Startuping” going on

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IMAG0376We had an absolutely incredible event last night. Not only because of the Marc Nager, CEO of Startup Weekend and Derek Anderson, founder of Startup Grind but because it was a great group of people who attended the event. There was a lot of good quality people with some very good existing businesses and businesses soon to be launched.  And some networking was getting done as well. As I know a few people who said they at met someone that they were looking forward to another meeting with.

It was also interesting for me as I didn’t do the interview with Marc so I got to sit in the audience and listen and experience as everyone else gets to.  I must say (a bit biased) that it really is a great venue to have this kind of event. The room is open and airy yet it feels warm and inviting.  Some people may not notice this but it does have an effect on the feel or vibe in the room.  Enough said on that but I do appreciate the venue.

Lets get to Marc, he was very open and candid with all his comments. You could tell he was actually thinking about his answers and truly wanting to share his information with the audience. When the Q & A portion was happening we got some great insights on how much he didn’t know when he started and how much he as learned over the years. They have some great plans on helping the Startup community with events that are truly useful. We are look forward to seeing more events from Marc and his international team.

It truly was a treat to have Derek Anderson in our event. He was in town for some other meetings and it was great for him to see how special our group of people is.  He has been doing this monthly interview for 2 years and has talked to some very interesting people. The next time he is here he will be the one getting interviewed.

We also have a surprise guest… Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger popped in towards the end of the presentation just to say hello. He was there with one of his Executive team Heather Gray. Thanks you two for coming by.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves and got something out of the talk with Marc.  Until next time… Have an Amazing Day.


Startup Grind hosts Neil Patel

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We are happy to announce that Neil Patel the co-founder of two Internet companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics will be our next guest at Startup Grind Seattle. We have had two amazing events at our new home on Pier 70 at Graham and Dunn Law offices and I am really looking forward to our next one with Neil. He is not only a real rock star when it comes to figuring out how to make money but he is entertaining as well. Through his entrepreneurial career he has helped large corporations increase revenues via the web and he has been a thought leader in the analytics space. Come enjoy the fireside chat and learn something new and meet your co founder.

If you have not yet attended a Startup Grind event you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to meet fellow entrepreneurs and share a beer or glass of wine (it is included).  Startup Grind is all about helping others meet people that will help them in building their next startup. Come meet Neil and other Seattle Grinders on December 18th at 6pm. Click here to register.

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