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Come meet Jane Park and Julie Sandler

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Special Holiday Startup Grind Event Dec 4th at 6pm at Moz, We will have Julie Sandler from Madrona Ventures doing an interesting interview with Jane Park Co Founder of Julep. And the first 50 women to show up  will get a free gift of “Jane Favorites” . Look forward to seeing you on this very special Startup Grind event.

Jane Park Co Founder Julep

Jane is the co-founder and CEO of Julep, the only ecommerce beauty brand that takes a full-stack approach to product development, testing, and distribution. Under Jane’s direction, Julep has raised $56 million in funding from top-tier venture firms and quadrupled revenues each year over the past few years.

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Julie Sandler, Madrona Ventures

Julie is a Principal on the investment team at Madrona Venture Group, a Pacific Northwest venture capital firm focused on technology companies. Julie pursues new investment opportunities for Madrona, and is actively involved in Madrona’s portfolio companies and the firm’s activity in the startup community. She led Madrona’s investment in Julep, and is a board observer for several of Madrona’s portfolio companies, including buuteeq, Evocalize, Jintronix, Maxpoint, Rover.com, and SNUPI Technologies.

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Content is critical in selling

The 3 Words that Guarantee more Sales

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Content, Content, Content, Customers have more power and are able to gather more information about your product before you ever talk to them which forces you to sell differently. Information is free and readily available online. This goes for both B2B and B2C companies. If you were selling 5-10 years ago online and you are still selling the same way, whether it was online or offline, you had better

Startup Week Seattle Oct 20-24

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Our friends over at Seattle Startup Week have just announced that registration is open for their week-long event starting Monday, October 20 and ending Friday, October, 24. Join your community in a new type of conference that builds momentum and opportunity around entrepreneurship, led by entrepreneurs and hosted in the entrepreneurial spaces you love. Seattle Startup Week is a

Startup Grind Seattle

Startup Grind Seattle 2 years old

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It has been 26 months since I sent a fairly random email to the founder of Startup Grind, Derek Anderson, letting him know that I wanted to help out in Seattle (@seattlegrind). Since then the Seattle chapter has had 23 events, over 1,600 attendees and recorded 20+ hours of video of the fireside chats, from the likes of Dan Levitan,

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