Starting new business to help others create great products and services.

If you are creating a new product/service and need help creating, selling/marketing or scaling I think I can help. I have spent 20 years successing (new word), trying, failing, surveying, interviewing and creating, etc… well you get the point.

Do you need help developing a new product/service idea? or marketing/selling it? or finding potential partners to work with? If yes is the answer to any of these I can help. I provide a process using Lean principles, iteration and customer interaction to create new products that start with the customers needs and work backwards. A simple to follow process you can learn that will help you and your team get to market fast and with as little risk as possible.

This is NOT a radical new way to build or launch a product. It IS a way to create something by spending small amounts of money at different points of success and a method to fail fast when the solution you are providing does not have a customer base.

Send me an email and see if I can help save you time, money, aggravation and maybe your marriage.

As of this minute I have a business helping others create new products and services. This is the first of MANY videos to help anyone working on a new product idea or changing an old one.

Don’t just take my word…..Here are 3 more relevant articles to help you build you next product.

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