new idea audit

new idea audit

Welcome to your new idea audit This should take you about 2 minutes to complete. When you are done you will get a score that will show you the things you might need to work on and the things you don't.  It is not easy to get an idea off the ground but when you do it is amazing. With this information, you will have more knowledge of what is needed to get your new business idea started.


What type of idea is it? Hardware or physical product, software product, app or online product or service.Deselect Answer


Who will be paying for the product or service? Choose the target customer that will provide the most revenue.Deselect Answer


How do you intend to sell your product/service? Chose the ONE that is the MOST volume/revenue of your sales channel.Deselect Answer


Have you spent any time talking to potential customers if they would use and pay for your idea? If so how many?  Note: Potential customers are NOT friends and relatives.Deselect Answer


Have you done research on how many customers there are for your product or service? It is critical to have a realistic idea if you can get enough customers.Deselect Answer


Why are you building this product or service?Deselect Answer


Can your mom or someone older than you describe your idea to a friend?Deselect Answer


Do you have the time and money to get your idea to market or in the hands of customers?Deselect Answer


What skills do you bring to the table for your idea? Please choose the one you think provides the MOST value to your idea.Deselect Answer


What skills do you think are the MOST important for you to have on the team but you don't have access to them yet?Deselect Answer


Have you identified your target customer? And a target range price of what they would pay?Deselect Answer

Well that was not so hard, was it? Based on your score of %POINT_SCORE% you have done some good work thus far.

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