The secret to finding your perfect Advisor or first employee for your startup.
https://youtu.be/Rh0N3bZYAfA Over the last several weeks I have had the same question asked... so here...
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How to use customer development for your new idea
Here is the transcript for the video on customer development. Hello there, Mike Grabham here...
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New product founders always have great stories. Get inspired by Sarah’s story.
Founder journeys are always interesting... most are packed full of ups and downs. Here is...
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How to learn if your new product or service could be a winner…without spending money.
Just published a new video about how to take some shortcuts that can save you...
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How to create an minimum viable product with very little money
Hello there, Mike Grabham here and welcome to my basement. Which is a wine cellar...
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The 5 features that all great products and services have
Hello there, Mike Grabham here again. Today, I just wanted to talk about what are...
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Can you make money with your new idea?
Can you make money with your new product or service idea? That is the big...
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Starting new business to help others create great products and services.
If you are creating a new product/service and need help creating, selling/marketing or scaling I...
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