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Here is a short demo I made to demonstrate the ease of this… this tutorial would have some additional graphics to make it a bit prettier and we could even do a form where they could input their answers to each question.  The questions and answers would then be sent to SCORE and copy the person who answered the questions.  The cost to do these is minimal less than $200 once you had a template to use.

For these to be useful they would need to be widely distributed and used by people. There is absolutely no reason why we couldn’t also do tutorials for learning the basics like how to create budgets, how to understand product costs and what is net profit versus gross profit?, etc.  SCORE has the knowledge base but they need to move to a digital delivery as well as the human delivery… that is what could make SCORE a real part of the Startup Ecosystem/Community.  In my opinion getting the immense amount of knowledge that is in the heads of many of the SCORE mentors out into the world is what SCORE should really be about.  It should be used as a lead generation tool so SCORE can help more people and have more successful businesses created therefore more jobs, etc.  I think you get my point.

Please watch the video below and thoroughly answer all 21 questions.  This is the first step to help you make your business idea a reality.




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