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Get your new product or service into the hands of paying customers as quickly as possible

Do you need help developing a new product/service idea? or marketing/selling it? or finding potential partners to work with? If yes is the answer to any of these I can help.

I provide a process using Lean principles, iteration and customer feedback to create new products or services that start with the customers needs and work backwards. A simple to follow process you can learn that will help you and your team get to market fast and with as little risk as possible.

This is NOT a radical new way to build or launch a product or service. It IS a way to create something by spending smaller amounts of money at different points of success and a method to fail fast when the solution you are providing does not have a customer base.

I have spent 20 years creating, starting. marketing, failing and successing (new word!) in B2B and B2C environments. I have direct experience with both good and bad ideas and will happily share those experiences with your team. I charge by the hour or by the project to help.

If you don’t have an answer to most of these questions below, I can help. Send me an email and lets see if I can save you some time, money and aggravation.

Mike grabham product launch

idea validation

  • Does your service provide value to someone?
  • Is your product 10X better than the direct competitor?
  • Are people or businesses willing to pay for it?
  • Can you find the resources to build it?
Mike grabham new product

product development

  • What has to get done to be able to get feedback from potential customers?
  • How can we do this without spending a ton of money?
  • How do you know you need a specific feature?
  • How is it built so it can be maintained and add additional features?
mike grabham product launch

launching product

  • Who is your best customer?
  • Where do your target customers live online?
  • Have you planned a crowdfunding campaign?
  • What is the price(s) of your service?
let me know if I can help

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