As an event planner you likely have one major question.

Can this person provide valuable information to my audience.
I can IF your audience is filled with entrepreneurs, founders, inventors or employees who are trying to build a new idea, launch a new product/service or stuck in an endless loop of product development.

My Speeches
My Workshops
Make your business idea a reality. How to go from idea to first paying customer

In the workshop you will learn

  • How to fall in love the problem not your solution
  • How to determine whether your idea is a winner or not before you spend real money
  • How to build your version 1.0 with almost no resources
  • When to start raising money

Time: 45 – 75 minutes

Handouts: Yes

Size: 20 – 40 attendees

Hello there and nice to meet you! I am honored you have continued to read. Let me share a bit more about myself.
  • Topics:Entrepreneurship, Starting a business, Launching a new idea
  • Length of talks:20 - 60 minutes
  • Motivation to speak:Help others see a path
  • Audience gets:Usable information, Enjoyment, Inspiration
  • Special trait:Have organized over 100 events myself
  • My Promise:Showing up on time, being professional
  • Guarantee:Not happy? then don't pay
  • Birthplace:Wichita, Kansas
  • Favorite color:Yellow

Learning is what I do everyday.  I ask questions and wonder why. I have interviewed over 100 leaders at a monthly live event over the last seven years. Although I am not perfect (9 months in prison clearly shows that) and have had both success and failure. I believe we learn the most through our own failures and hearing stories of others. Whether it’s a national conference, college campus, corporate meeting or private group gathering your audience will hear clear optimism. Also a feeling I have walked in their shoes and belief that if you have an idea, and it has some validity, you should attempt to make your dream a reality and get your idea into the hand of a paying customer.

Here is a excerpt from my signature talk.

“Being in prison for nine months taught me many things but patience, humility and empathy were the top for me. The memory of this is has clear as yesterday,  The metal gate swinging open, me waving to a few friends as I walked through to the outside world… It was the day I left a pair of state issued boots very similar to these right beside the gate. It was the day that I committed to always providing value to people and never being unfair. It was the day I promised myself I could never rest on past accomplishments or dwell on past mistakes.”

Since I have started six companies and have had successful exits and horrible failures, your guests will hear first hand stories of how to get things done and how not to get things done when trying to get your new idea off the ground. The journey of launching a new idea and getting a paying customer is a long winding road filled with roadblocks, speed bumps and speeding tickets.  Your audience will receive “real life” tools that can assist them along the crazy path to success.

If you would still like to learn more about me you can go here, visit my LinkedIn profile or follow me on Twitter or if its really important give me call 206 354 8751.

In case you didn’t watch my video I have a money back guarantee. Yes don’t pay me if you are not happy. Do I sound like a good fit for your audience? …..YES! Well that is stupendous…lets find a time to talk more. Please hit the Contact Mike or type mike@michaelgrabham.com button and I will get an email and will respond normally within 24 hours.

Great companies I have been able to speak at
microsoft garage speaker mike grabham
Big idea competition mike grabham speaker
Startup grind speaker mike grabham
Ignite Seattle speaker mike grabham

Recently Mike presented to the Microsoft Garage about the Seattle Startup Ecosystem and his lessons learned from his years in the local scene and as a serial founder. Mike forms a natural connection with the audience, delivers deeply insightful perspectives, and in his role as a super-connector, can provide a deep and personal grasp of the whole ecosystem. He put our event on the right footing and connected us with other speakers to round out the day. He's an amazing guy and it shows through in his character and generosity of spirit.

Ed Essey

Director of Intraprenuership and Incubation at MSFT Garage

We were so pleased with the time Mike spent in Aberdeen as part of our BIG Idea Competition. As we were celebrating the 10th anniversary of this high school business competition, Mike served as our keynote speaker and did a great job engaging both the students and adults in attendance in sharing the highs and lows of starting and running a business. Beyond the competition, we had arranged other activities with local business owners, competition sponsors and volunteers to celebrate the milestone. Mike was more that willing to participate in all the activities involving small group dialogues, presentations and program promotion. He easily fit into any setting and eagerly shared his knowledge and experience. He truly lives his belief in the importance of building a community of entrepreneurs. It was truly a pleasure working with him.

Kelly Weaver

Regional Director at Small Business Development Center

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