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* very limited seating – only 50 spots for each online class

*everyone must apply for admission*

In this online course, with videos and live coaching each week, I will share with you how to take your idea or side hustle, even if it’s still on a napkin, and turn it into something to sell to customers and start changing your life.

This is how your life can change, by taking your hundred dollar idea and transforming it into a million dollar business.

What You Will Learn In This Course


How to determine the key benefits of your idea

You want to start with a business idea that only has 1 or 2 benefits for your customers.


What you need before sharing your idea with customers

You need to know what information you want from your interactions with customers.


How to create a realistic plan to get your idea “revenue ready”

Life has demands and distractions but with a plan and accountability you can have the freedom of independence.


Find out the best price to charge

Learn the methods to test pricing and features of your business

Meet the Instructor

Mike Grabham is Founder and CEO of Esidarap Inc, a consultancy helping founders, inventors and frustrated corporate employees around the globe.

As a 6 X founder starting an idea on a shoestring was commonplace. The hard part was finding the target customer as early as possible. Except, that was not always the case.

Beginning when he was ten years old, Mike recalls selling chocolates and candies door to door to raise money for his little league football team. The joy of creating a transaction with a stranger was something that guided him for years to study customer behaviors and learn what makes people buy.

He sold T shirts and had a house painting company before his 17th birthday. He sold his first “real” company before he turned 32 and has since go on to found five other companies in the last 20 years.

He has dedicated himself to learning from customers before, during and after the launch of a new business idea. Through his 25+ years of success and failure he developed a process to get an idea off the ground quickly, at a low cost and with low risk.

Mike is on a mission to help the action takers who take a new business idea and change the lives of themselves, their customers and the people around them. He has conducted over 100 interviews with company leaders in the Seattle area and learned that big ideas get started by a single person, then turn into great companies later. You can see some of the interviews here.

More about this life altering course

Join Mike in this course where he shares his tips, experience and live coaching with each member. Apply to join our 7 week video series with live coaching calls each week.

NOTE: This course is not for everyone as you are required to complete tasks with deadlines each week. If you are an action taker who finishes tasks you will be successful if not this is probably not for you.

**Requirements to be accepted:

  • Must strongly desire to have an online or offline product or service.
  • Must be comfortable talking to strangers. If not you are willing to learn.
  • Must be able to commit at least 6 hours each week to making your idea a reality.

start your side business

It’s up to you

So what does this mean for you?

No more wasting time on excuses you know are complete CRAP!

No more worrying about what your friends will think.

No more being afraid of failing (because you will fail at some point).

Instead, attack this opportunity with a learning mentality.

Focus on why you want to build your new idea, what you’re passionate about and sharing that passion with others like you.

That’s how you silence your inner demons and finally get started.

Apply Now to join our next group… you only pay if you get accepted.

And look, this might all make perfect sense to you. But as soon as you’re done reading this, you’re attention is going to get pulled away to a thousand other things. And you still won’t have taken that first step toward success. But I want that to stop you right here.  WHOA!

Which why I’ve created an EASY way to get started—with a proven, step-by-step guide to help you the rest of the way.

apply now to launch your new idea

New idea reality check quote“Starting out with a new idea and trying to find your way is very very hard. With this course you are able to have a process to check your optimism for your idea. Most of us are overly optimistic, with the course there is a process to not only show you the way to success but also to shorten the learning curve of launching a new idea. This could be a life saver.”

– Nick Dimitrov, Founder Amazon Bound

It will teach you how to get your new online or offline business idea or side hustle into the hands of a paying customer in 7 weeks for $395. (Price varies based on CPI of the country you live in.)

In this online video series course with live group coaching, you will learn how to:

  • Find customers who will pay for your solution.
  • Do experiments that tell you if you have a killer idea.
  • Do customer interviews so you know what do build AND who to sell to.
  • Get your idea in front of enough people that will tell you if you have a million dollar idea.
  • Price your idea so you get the most customers.
  • Determine the cost to make your idea… sometimes it is pennies.
  • Start a company if you have a million dollar idea.
  • Find people to help you with your side hustle when/if needed.

It includes a guide of the best-kept secrets for understanding what your customers want and how to find out if they will pay for your solution to their problem. Super important to know this. $200 value

For the action takers who complete the course I will provide a full one hour of free consultation that can use anytime after you finish. $200 value

In addition, you’ll also receive our insider email newsletter, where you’ll receive exclusive content we don’t publish anywhere except to our action takers and my personal clients. This will save you $100’s of dollars and save you many hours of time.

I have also included and added bonus for the first 15 people who get accepted a free one on one 30 minute consult with me. $125 value

You will receive all of this information valued at over $1000 for $395. Apply now as this course is limited to only 50 people, after you apply we will find 10-15 minutes to ask a few questions before you are accepted. You will be given a start date and a payment link AFTER you are accepted.

apply now to launch your new idea

Price varies by the Cost of Living in whatever country the person lives. For example if you live in Morocco you would go to this website and type in Morocco to see that it is 51% cheaper to live than the US.. therefore the cost of the course would be $395 – $201 (51%) = $194 for anyone living in Morocco compared to anyone living in the US who would pay $395.

Your satisfaction with this course is guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied and completed your work, I will give you 110% of your money back. Yes that is not a typo. I will pay you an extra 10% if you are not happy with the results.

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