Starting a business has challenges…embrace it, expect it!

Learn how to get your business idea or product idea from a napkin to a customer in 7 weeks.

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In this course I will share with you how to take your idea or side hustle, even if it’s still on a napkin, and turn it into something to sell and start changing your life and your customers lives.

This is where your life can change, by taking your hundred dollar idea and transforming it into a million dollar business.

NOTE: This course is not for everyone as you are required to complete tasks each week. If you are an action taker who finishes tasks you will be successful.

**Requirements to be accepted:

  • Must want to make your dream of owning a business a reality.
  • Must be able to commit at least 3 hours each week.
  • Must want to have an online or offline product or service.

There’s a hidden epidemic spreading and most of us have it.

No, I’m not talking about Measles or Malaria.

I’m talking about something much worse.

Something that is holding back an entire generation of humans from reaching their unlimited potential.

Even worse, it’s linked to the unprecedented high number of cases of suicide, depression, and anxiety.

What is it?

Otherism….Being what you think others want you to be, being part of the crowd. Yes otherism is a “real” word.

I know—probably not what you expected. But it’s dangerously real.

A recent study at Boston University shows how issues of “fitting in” have increased dramatically in the past thirty years. People are feeling they need to be perfect and fit it with the crowd. And it’s supported by many more studies performed over the past few years that show the increasingly harmful effects otherism is having on our generation.

Otherism is the feeling that everything we do has to fit into the norm and accepted by our social networks or at the very least our friends and coworkers.

But because we are by definition imperfect, this is an impossible bar to reach. And so we become our own worst critic, paralyzed by our desires or thoughts of uniqueness.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you can relate. You are driven, ambitious and motivated to do BIG things. But you feel there’s always something holding you back that you can’t quite figure out.

And with the INSANE amounts of social media we get exposed to every day, it’s easy to see why. On Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp we are only seeing the best sides of other people’s lives.

The fear of not fitting in (FONFI) is real.

You can see this detailed in Influencer and Model Essena O’Neill life changing story about her photos, which shows what those perfect Instagram pictures feel like in reality.

new business ideasgot an idea

Not so perfect anymore, right?

I’ve also seen it creep into the emails I see every day.

“I want to start a side hustle so I can get the heck out of my corporate job but my friends think it is a crazy idea.”

“I don’t feel like I’m expert enough that people will listen to what I have to say.”

“I want to start my own side business, but there’s too much competition for what I want to do.”

If you look below the surface, you’ll see that all of these statements are excuses that prevent us from taking action on that first step.

Because it’s scary to be vulnerable and put yourself out there.

It’s embarrassing to fail. It’s scary.

Getting unfairly judged hurts. What will your friends and coworkers say?

The problem with these excuses is there are no fail-proof business ideas. I’ve had plenty of “perfect” ideas that crashed and burned before they even got started. (I once filed for personal bankruptcy because of a business failure.)

Here’s the real deal. In order to have the lifestyle and freedom you dream about, you have to take on some risk to start a new side business or even test a new idea.

Now we’re not talking about life and death risk here. Or file-for-bankruptcy risk.

I’m talking about the kind of risk where all you’ve lost is some of your time and less than a few dollars.

Even if you value your time highly like I do, you can’t find better upside than investing it in creating a new side business, new product or profitable online business.

So what are you afraid of?

  • Losing money? I was fresh out of bankruptcy when I had my new product idea. Try again.
  • Feeling hopeless if it doesn’t work? Trust me when I say that pain of missed opportunity is much worse than tossing in the towel.
  • Your friends and family will see you fail? They’ll not even notice because they’re too busy worried about the same things in their life.

And I know this from first-hand experience. I’ve fallen flat on my face countless times, and guess what? I’m still here helping people like you.

Failure is an option, but not trying is death.

Do you think when I built my first successful business I had everything figured out?


Before I started my last business, I already had multiple failures in my rear view.

I spent nine months in jail for not being smart enough to drive sober and open my mail. Massive Failure.

My fourth business, providing home services? Success early and ultimately forced me to declare personal bankruptcy. Massive Failure II.

I was lucky enough to have a few successful businesses in between that gave me the belief I could figure things out.

My first business, a travel magazine was a lot of work but after several years of working 12 hour days. My partner and I sold the business and made a nice profit. Success

My second business a clothing line was a failure almost before it got started. I realized within weeks it wasn’t going to work.

But guess what?

I survived. How? I kept learning and asking people smarter than I for advice.

Instead of staying stuck in misery, I immediately started something new, sometimes just a side project.

Failure was just part of the process. It was not the beginning or the end of anything.

This might all sound wacky to you, but the truth is, I’m not a unique case at all.

Every business, every influencer, every artist you’re a fan of, started imperfectly and overcame several failures.

Since I live in Seattle which is headquarters of Amazon and Microsoft. I like to share this, do you think Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates spent days depressed in bed because the Amazon Fire phone and Microsoft Zune player were massive flops?

new ideas are hard to start

new ideas are hard to start

NOT A CHANCE! Apply to join our next group of Action takers. You don’t pay unless you are accepted.

In fact, in his annual letter to shareholders, Bezos called Amazon, “the best place in the world to fail at.”

If two of the biggest companies in the world aren’t perfect, why should you expect to be?

Yes exactly. You shouldn’t. 

Which is why it kills me to see so many people miss out on the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives by launching their new idea.

Instead of taking a risk and betting on themselves, they end up in a daily grind job they despise, selling a big chunk of their awake time for $18-$30 bucks an hour.

But this doesn’t have to be your story. Here’s what you can do the next time otherism tries to derail your ambition for a better life.

Everyone starts and restarts

In 2011, Jamie Simonoff was 35 and he had his midlife entrepreneurial crisis. The problem was, he would have an idea but he would make the mistake of turning it into a company too quickly and failing. Ring, Doorbot as the initial name, at the start was a way for me to see a delivery person at the front door while I was in my garage working on things. It wasn’t changing anything. But I had to let myself explore it.

new ideas are hard to startFast forward 2 years and Jamie is on the famous Shark Tank TV show. But he gets turned down for an investment and was devastated, his company was on the edge of closing during the filming of the show.

Five years later Ring is sold to Amazon for just under $1 billion.

The short story on his early youth was most afternoons after school he could be found in the garage where he was constantly building thing he shouldn’t have, like explosives.

He was different from the rest of the kids and didn’t really enjoy school and therefore spent a lot of time seeing the principal.

Jamie says, “I just had too much energy. I’m just lucky they didn’t try to diagnose kids back then.”

This is what we all secretly fear, isn’t it?

That we’ll put ourselves out there and get judged because it we don’t meet other people’s expectations…otherism rears its ugly head.

Well, here’s what Jamie had to say about people not believing in his doorbot idea. (BTW Doorbot was the original name.)

“I’m so goddamn stubborn, I’m going to figure out how to do it”

By ignoring the non-believers, Jamie was able to go back to his strengths and figuring out the best way to have a doorbell ring on your phone.

You may not have a billion dollar idea like Jamie but I bet you have a million dollar idea somewhere in your head. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or not.  

I believe not being an expert allows you to come up with unique solutions that the experts just don’t see.

What matters is you take action and make an effort. Those are the winners in life. The people who decide to “give it a try” and not worry about what others think. Good bye otherism.

A 6 year old did it!

For example, do you think this 6-year-old, Ryan, was worried about what his friends thought when he and his parents started opening up toys on YouTube?

My guess is probably not.

He wasn’t dreaming of making millions of dollars either. But it turns out Ryan’s Toys Review was one of the highest paid YouTube entrepreneurs and made $11 million dollars last year.

The truth is Ryan is a regular kid who loves toys. And his passion and joy are what endears him to his 18+ million fans.

It would never even occur to a 6-year-old to worry if he should share his fun with the other people.

Ryan didn’t sit around thinking:

“What if I fail?”

“What if my friends judge me?”

“Will people think my idea sucks?”

He just got started. Just like you can.

And there’s no substitute for taking that first step and getting momentum.

It’s up to you

So what does this mean for you?

No more wasting time on excuses you know are complete CRAP!

No more worrying about what your friends will think.

No more being afraid of failing (because you will fail at some point).

Instead, attack this opportunity with a learning mentality.

Focus on why you want to build your new idea, what you’re passionate about and sharing that passion with others like you.

That’s how you silence your inner demons and finally get started.

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And look, this might all make perfect sense to you. But as soon as you’re done reading this, you’re attention is going to get pulled away to a thousand other things. And you still won’t have taken that first step toward success. But I want that to stop you right here.  WHOA!

Which why I’ve created an EASY way to get started—with a proven, step-by-step guide to help you the rest of the way.

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New idea reality check quote“Starting out with a new idea and trying to find your way is very very hard. With this course you are able to have a process to check your optimism for your idea. Most of us are overly optimistic, with the course there is a process to not only show you the way to success but also to shorten the learning curve of launching a new idea. This could be a life saver.”

– Nick Dimitrov, Founder Amazon Bound

It will teach you how to get your new online or offline business idea or side hustle into the hands of a paying customer in 7 weeks for $395. (Price varies based on CPI of the country you live in.)

In this online video series course with live group coaching, you will learn how to:

  • Find customers who will pay for your solution.
  • Do experiments that tell you if you have a killer idea.
  • Do customer interviews so you know what do build AND who to sell to.
  • Get your idea in front of enough people that will tell you if you have a million dollar idea.
  • Price your idea so you get the most customers.
  • Determine the cost idea to make your idea… sometimes it is pennies.
  • Start a company if you have a million dollar idea.
  • Find people to help you with your side hustle when/if needed.

It includes a guide of the best-kept secrets for understanding what your customers want and how to find out if they will pay for your solution to their problem. Super important to know this. $200 value

For the action takers who complete the course I will provide a full one hour of free consultation that can use anytime after you finish. $200 value

In addition, you’ll also receive our insider email newsletter, where you’ll receive exclusive content we don’t publish anywhere except to our action takers and my personal clients. This will save you $100’s of dollars and save you many hours of time.

I have also included and added bonus for the first 15 people who get accepted a free one on one 30 minute consult with me. $125 value

You will receive all of this information valued at over $800 for $395. Apply now as this course is limited to only 50 people, after you apply I will call you with a few questions before you are accepted. You will be given a start date and a payment link AFTER you are accepted.

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Your satisfaction with this course is guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied and completed your work, I will give you 110% of your money back. Yes that is not a typo. I will pay you an extra 10% if you are not happy with the results.

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