Whose story is it podcast



Welcome to the “Whose Story is it?” Podcast

Learn from business owners’ stories.


The podcast is where extraordinary lessons are hidden within everyday stories. It is intimate and conversational, fostering a connection with the guest by the end of each episode.  Join us in revealing the untold stories within a business leader’s success. Enjoy as we uncover the extraordinary… in the ordinary.

The podcast was created for curious business owners who learn from other business owners’ experiences (mistakes!). You will learn from other business owners who have succeeded but not without their own mistakes. But the twist is you will learn about “who” they are as much as what they did. And you will learn all of this without knowing their name or background. Guest identities will be unveiled after each story in the last few minutes of the podcast.

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    Why the Mystery Format?

    This allows you to decide not from the things you read or “hear” about each guest, but true insights into who they are as a human. What makes them tick? What they see as success in life and much much more.

    Sit back and listen for 20 minutes each week and join us on a global journey as we interview brilliant minds worldwide. Experience fresh perspectives that transcend borders, with unexpected reveals, and learn from other mistakes and how others have navigated to success.

    Things you will likely learn from business owners’ stories:

    • What sacrifices other owners have made to make their businesses a success.
    • What they prioritize and value in life and business.
    • What happens behind the scenes for them to be able to focus on success.
    • What relationships have added most to their progress.

    Who is Mike?

    Mike Grabham is a seasoned entrepreneur with a knack for navigating the highs and lows of business building since 1996, fueled by his passion for internet entrepreneurship and informed by valuable customer feedback. Mike has grown up learning from books, asking questions of smart people, and making his own mistakes. He launched this podcast after doing more than 200 in-person interviews in the Seattle area realizing that you can learn a lot by asking questions and listening. weird huh??

    He co-founded multiple successful ventures, prioritizing the acquisition of paying customers and the clear connection between providing customers value and company revenue. Mike is renowned for his ability to foster collaboration and pose insightful questions, evident in his leadership of the Seattle Chapter of Startup Grind for almost 9 years and his initiation of the local TV show “Start IT Seattle.”