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You have an idea that can create additional income but not sure where to start? I can help.

Do you have an idea that can exponentially grow your company but are not sure how to get started? Are you being pulled in different directions while you continue to operate? Let me help build/validate your idea…it could be life-changing for you and your customers. Stop talking about doing something and get started today.  Tap the button below to get access to 25 years of success and failure. I share what I have learned in starting six companies, selling them, raising millions, and of course, failing. Let’s see how I can help you take your idea and turn it into income.


I have been working with Mike for over 6 months and he has saved me a ton of time and was also able to make some great introductions to two people who have been very helpful in getting my SaaS product off the ground. His thoughfulness and genorsity is not to be overlooked.

Dennis Broskins
CEO, Co Founder

I can honestly say that with Mike’s help I have a product that is much further ahead than it would have been if I would have continued down my original path. I would not have figured out which features to focus on. Most importantly, I would not have known what I thought was the most important was actually the 2nd most important feature of my idea.

Ronda Eligin

Just met Mike at his “Make Your Startup or Business Idea a Reality” workshop and was totally impressed by him. He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, energy and fun to his presentations. It’s clear that he loves what he’s doing. He was also quite generous in giving me better than 20 minutes of one on one time to help me understand the “cost of customer acquisition” issue

Morgain Harris
Engineer, Inventor, Creator

Great products or service ideas solve problems that help others...
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