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Mike has seen first hand the ups and downs that many entrepreneurs face and has been able to share success and failure with hundreds of others. (read more details here) He has been working around the internet since 1996, immediately after receiving an AOL 1.0 disc in the mail. He has been influenced by white spaces, analytics and customer feedback. The companies he has co-founded have been successful because finding paying customers is always the first goal. He is driven by his eternal search for the perfect marriage of value for customers, results for company (revenue) and of course the perfect glass of red wine.

mike grabhamMichael has a passion for meeting people, asking questions (see some of his interviews of others) and collaborating to get to the best answer. He is an “answer seeker” and “connector of people”. He believes that teamwork (team+work) is a key ingredient of every great idea and luck is when opportunity meets preparation. He likes to ask why, sometime when he shouldn’t. He doesn’t talk politics “ever” and is almost always reading a book about business models, product creation, customer experience or decision making.  If you ask him about the latest TV show it will be a short conversation as he rarely watches TV except for the Profit, Shark Tank and a Pittsburgh Steelers football game.

Mike started the TV show “Start IT Seattle” shown on KING5 to showcase startups in Seattle and help others start companies. In 2016 invented the Package Guard. It is a device that protects your packages from being stolen. He also runs Amazing Airfares.com a place to get your international flights at amazing prices of 50% discounts or more. In his spare time runs the Seattle  Chapter of Startup Grind for entrepreneurs where he has interviewed a smart person every month for the past 7 years. He is a glass is ¾ full guy who loves learning and spending time with friends on a sunny deck somewhere, not easy to find in Seattle from Nov – Mar. He loves to ask, “What do you do for fun?” and doesn’t care if you call him Mike or Michael.

He and his wife spend time helping others and they started Survive the Streets in 1999 to help the people living in shelters in Seattle and are looking for ways to do it in other cities in the US.  Please visit Survive the Streets to learn more.

Below is the boring version of my bio NOT written by me.

Mr. Grabham has started six companies over the past 20 years. His first company was started at age 28 and was sold three years later after more the tripling the annual revenues. He has lead several companies from a regional telecommunications company ($14M annual sales) to a software assessment company (start up).  As a leader in the sales, business development, marketing and design his roles have enabled him to be a driving force in revenue generation and his relationship with customers has provided a strong foundation for growth. He focuses on building quality process to ensure clear communication and  growth. He has managed administrative, creative, engineering and sales staffs throughout his career.  He has raised more than $3M, negotiated several acquisitions and developed overall strategy for all of his companies.  He received his MBA from Seattle University and has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics. He lives in Seattle with his wife and cat Peju.

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I am creative, optimistic, genuine, business builder and a persistent problem solver. I love starting companies, developing teams and enjoy the collaboration with smart people to figure out how to find value for a customer.  I enjoy the ups and downs you must go through to get a company moving in the right direction. I am an energetic start up guy with years of experience building teams,  delivering revenue and value in competitive environments. If you would like to say hello. Email me anytime.


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