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How do you start talking to investors?
How do you start talking to investors? It's never too early to talk to investors....
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cutting marketing costs
Find a Talk Trigger
This was so good I had to share it with you. You know when you...
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Know when and who to share equity with
https://youtu.be/IcGpVFAoi34 Share Equity In the world of business, there are times when sharing equity with...
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Achieve Work-Life Balance in a Startup?
https://youtu.be/UjsXBcemjOA The truth is, there is probably no such thing as a real work-life balance...
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new idea for side business
Got a side business idea? Find a target customer is step 1
Top Questions to Ask Customers About Your New Side Business Idea For many people with...
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Founders: Ask Questions & Then SHUT UP and Listen
If you have ever started a company you know that founders can’t do it alone....
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Paris Rally view with Mike
Paris January 7 2015
Imagine you are in a crowd of people pushing you forward, all of the masses...
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In Paris helping SendinBlue
I have been in Paris since last week helping a company www.sendinblue.com get operations started...
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