Is the Crowdfunding Law Great? Almost

transparent group of elderly people

We are very close to finally getting the crowdfunding law changed that will allow many entrepreneurs to raise money in smaller amounts. It will be especially helpful for those that don’t have a network of wealthy people to talk with and become angel investors.  This will help change the landscape a bit for both the very small companies and the larger ones as the law is expanding the number of shareholders that are allowed before having to become a public company. I will post the real law once it is finalized (hopefully next week).

We will surely see a rush to set up networks that help facilitate the crowdfunding law and more. I am going to guess you will see upwards of 200-300 of these networks sprout out of nowhere.  Many will be focused on niche industries and ways we are currently not used to raising money.

I have been watching the JOBS act bill 2190  since October when it was HR 2930 and seeing it gain momentum each month and each step of the legislative process.  This will be a big opportunity for many more entrepreneurs and small companies. I am very much looking forward to seeing it all shake out. Stay tuned.

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