Don’t Call 911! Talk to Your Neighbors First

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Package theft is a huge problem and it’s getting worse.

Why? Because police departments don’t have the time or money to investigate criminals stealing packages. But what about us?! Should you talk to your neighbors about it?! What about the times when thieves get away with expensive electronics, medical supplies or maybe a keepsake that literally can’t be replaced? For those times, we wish the police would go after these criminals, but the fact is… it is just not going to happen.

So where does that leave us?

That leaves us, and all our neighbors, responsible for package theft prevention. Together, we can help end package theft – simply by watching out for one another and talking to one another. The online delivery industry is growing at a rapid pace and, as a result, so is package theft. Unless we start helping each other out, then the porch pirates will continue to succeed.

Why is package theft on the rise?

The crime of package theft is growing rapidly because it can be committed by anyone over the age of 10. Therefore, to help our neighborhoods become safer, we have to look for methods, ideas, and products that will help combat this crime. For heaven’s sake, people on bikes are stealing packages. Take a look at this video.

What can you do?

Some of the best ways to prevent package theft are by meeting and interacting with your neighbors. Talk to your neighbors, and realize how having a local community can benefit you greatly. Anyways, I would order online and get packages dropped off on my doorstep. I want convenience. So if I want convenience and I need to protect my packages then maybe I can ask my neighbor to help pick up a package if they’re home. This is not always going to be easy as most of our neighbors work during the day, but some do work from home and you may even have someone retired living close by. Another step in protecting your packages is telling everyone in your neighborhood to watch what is going on around them and on the street. This happens a lot in services like Nextdoor. Nextdoor is awesome. People are always sharing what is going on in the area. Join if you haven’t yet and share what you are seeing. It will save you some headaches and even help you find your lost dog or cat.

Another solution.

We need multiple solutions to package theft if we are going to stop porch pirates. That is why I invented the Package Guard. I had a package stolen, and after a lot of research, I found nothing that was inexpensive and easy-to-use for everyone (delivery people included). That was almost two years ago. Today we have a product that will alarm some criminals and will definitely alert the neighbors that there is a thief close by. I don’t believe the Package Guard will stop all thieves, but it will stop some, a lot more than it being stopped today. And it will start to make others think twice before riding up on a bike and trying to casually walk up steal a package unnoticed.

My suggestPackage Guardion is to talk to your neighbors, watching your street for unusual people and don’t be afraid to ask for help *before* you become a victim of package theft… then get yourself a Package Guard so everyone knows if a theft has occurred.

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