Learn if Your Product or Service Could Be a Winner

Just published a new video about how to take some shortcuts that can save you time and money before actually spending any “real” money in your new idea. Here is the transcript.

Hello, Mike Grabham here again today, today I’m going to talk to you about a couple of secrets that will literally save you thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of time before you create your new product or service.

And I’ve been creating products and services for over 20 years, I’ve made some good ones, and I’ve made some not so good ones, but I’m here to help you, I’m here to save you time, save you money, and just reduce the sheer aggravation of creating a great product or service, so please, if you have any comments or questions, leave em below, and I’ll be sure to answer all of them, thanks a lot.

We created the product as if it already existed, let’s say it’s a hard product, where it’s a physical product, so you need to create some 3D rendering of that product, so to do the 3D renderings, you can use an industrial designer or product designer, or you can even go to like freecad.org and use their product for creating your own 3D renderings, but you need some 3D renderings if it’s a hard product, so people can understand what it looks like and how it acts, now if it’s a software product, or, web-based product, and it’s a little easier cause you can just do screenshots of what it would look like, or how it acts. You know, what you can also do for any of those types of things, you can do a simple video, which would show how you’re solving the problem, and you can just do a voiceover and just narrate it yourself, so that’s a great way to do it as well, but anyway, the important thing is, is creating a way to show customers how your product or service is solving a problem, that is the key.

Now let’s just assume you have all the imagery you need to show someone your product or service, well, the next thing you do, is you need to create an ad on Facebook, a simple ad, talk about two features, three at the very most, talk about the benefits to the customer, how do those benefits of your product or service benefit your customer, create that ad, pick a geographic region, don’t pick like all of the world, pick like the US or maybe even just smaller segments like Chicago, or Miami, or Dallas. But create a smaller geographical region, and then just push the ad out, it’s really simple, go to YouTube and look at how do I create a Facebook ad, there are hundreds of videos to show you how to do that, it’s really simple.

Do that, right because what you’re looking for, is you’re looking for feedback, because once they click on the ad, you’re gonna send them to a landing page, which you can create using like, Unbounce.com, or Instapage.com, and on that landing page you give them much more detail about the product, you can show the videos, you can show lots of imagery about that. What you’re trying to get is, will anyone click on my ad, will anyone share my ad, will anyone comment on my ad, because if none of those three things are happening, it’s a bad product, it’s just that simple, so start over, tweak it, do something, change it, cause no one cares about your product, and that’s what we’re trying to get to as quickly as we can with the least amount of money.

Please, do not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, or thousands of dollars on developing this product before you’ve gotten at least taken the ad, and you know who else does this, Amazon does this, but they do it a different way, they actually create a press release, before the product or service is ever created, they do a press release internally, and talk about that. I’m saying go a step further, create an ad and see if people actually, flippin” click on that ad, if they will, then you have a product that matters, if no one clicks on it, you have no product or service, no one cares about the way you’re solving it, so, that’s my thing today.

Please, share this with your friends, share it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, share it on Instagram, share it on LinkedIn, and of course, subscribe to my YouTube channel, thanks a lot, and have an amazing day.

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