Startup Presentations are a Good Thing

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If you have a chance to do startup presentations for your idea/company in front of an audience that you don’t know it is a great thing.  It is great for your business because;

  • it forces you to look at your business from the eyes of your audience
  • it allows you to talk about the benefits of your business and get validation or not on your idea
  • it also will give you new ways to attack the problem you are trying to solve.

The last point is many times overlooked. When you have an idea and you work on it for months, tweaking this and that and making it better is what you do. But most of the time it is you and a few internal people doing the changes. When you get some new people from startup presentations who will bring a different perspective, you get different solutions. Therefore when you have a chance to do a presentation to investors, other startup peers then get out and do it. You will not only get experience giving your pitch to people you might find a different solution to the problem you are solving. Never be bashful and take every opportunity you can get.

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