Successful Slide Decks are Short and Sweet

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I have been helping a person out with a short slide deck they can use to meet with angel investors…. here is what I have come up over the years of talking to angels…Please keep your presentations short… you should be able to get through your deck in about 15-20 mins max if you are not interrupted… if you can’t explain your business in 15 mins you are making it too complex and most people will just pass on the investment.

Here are the slides.  If you can provide some pictures that is fine but make them relavant to each slides “punch line”.. . yes each slide should have a one major point that is being explained.

1. We do what??? That solves what?? For who?
2. More details about the problem… this slide may not be necessary.
3. Your solution with a real life use case using names of people… and how big is the market? How many customers that pay for your product are there? do not use “if we only get 1% of this market it will be a success”… if you get 1% of your market you would not be a success.. you would be a niche player.
4. Talk about your team… including advisors if noteworthy… if not noteworthy don’t waste your time.
5. How do you make money.. Keep it simple. Who pays for your service or product?
6. Briefly describe parts of your business, technology, mobile, social, etc. Is there any IP? how does it incorporate into social if it is a consumer product?
7. Who are your competitors? Do not say NONE!! you have competitors.
8. Outline some key metrics you will track or are tracking. Customer acquisition costs? Value of each customer?
9. Show some financial s with a graph.. At least 3 years.. Be realistic… don’t go into a lot of detail here.. if they want more detail you can give them a full set from excel.
10. How much money are you raising, convertible debt preferred? Equity? What milestone does that money get you to?
11. Contact info.. don’t forget your phone number.
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