The 5 features that all great products and services have

There are five features that all great products have. I would like to help you create a great product or service. I do this by shortening the learning curve that you need to create those products or services. This can save you time and money, and I can reduce just the sheer aggravation of creating great products and services.

What are the characteristics of a great Product or Service?

Ask yourself these questions…Is it unique? Is it unique to the marketplace? Is it unique in how it’s being delivered? Is it unique in how it’s priced? Is it unique in how it’s shared? All those things have a influence on that. So when I’m saying unique, is it five or 10 times better or five or 10 times different? It can’t be just a little different. That’s unique but I mean very different. So that’s one thing that’s very important. Characteristics is the first thing to think about it.

Second, does it solve the problem?

We hear this over and over again…does it solve a problem? What I’m trying to figure out here is is it a painkiller or is it a vitamin? If it’s a painkiller, we want that. If it’s a vitamin, it’s like eh, nice to have. So really, you gotta figure out does it really solve a problem for a large number of people and it’s just that simple and I’m not gonna go into more detail because everyone talks about that.

Does it provide value to the customer?

Value is the number of things and not just price. Is it providing value to the customer in how they interact in the world? Or how they interact during their day and how they use it in their business? Is it providing enough value for that customer that they wanna share it? Do they wanna talk about it, and use it.

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And fourth thing: Does the customer have to change their life to use the product?

So does it fit in the life of a user? You can hear Nir Eyal talk about this a lot in the Book: Hooked, Building Habit-Forming Prod          ucts. Do I have to change how I do something to use your product? That’s not good. Does it just fit into the flow of my normal routine then that is great. We want it to intertwine with how we would normally interact. We don’t wanna have to change our habits to use the product. That’s a bad thing. Don’t force anyone to change their habits to use your product.


Number five, is it simple to use or understand? Is it simple to share? Is it simple to describe? All these things are hugely important because the simpler it is obviously the better. Now, it doesn’t have to be three word simple. However, you have to be able to explain that pretty quickly and easily to all levels. Depending on who you’re selling it to and whether it’s a product or service. So simplicity is super important. Just understand that. Make it simple. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. I will answer all of them. I promise. And if you have any other comments good or bad, please leave those as well.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. -Albert Einstein


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