Add Voice to Your Slide Deck for Clarity

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I just got off the phone with someone that had just gone through a slide deck that was sent to them by a friend of mine. I know the business from which the slide deck was sent fairly well. My friend and I were talking about the company and he only went through the slide deck without any interaction. It was very interesting to hear what he thought about the company after reviewing this slide deck.  Let’s just say it didn’t match what was actually happening with the company.  It was not a bad slide deck, it was very well done and was short and to the point. But the “correct” message didn’t get to the intended recipient.

You have played that game where you sit in a row and start a short message and tell it to the person next to you who tells it to the next person, etc. And you know the result of that… right? The wrong message being forwarded and a mess at the end.

For those of you who are creating a slide deck and sending it off to someone who does not know your company or you, I would suggest you to add voice to your slide deck. Narrate it so someone can hear your story about your idea/company from your words. This will help reduce some of the missed communications that happen when someone reads your slide deck without you in front of them.

I don’t think I need to go into too much detail about all the ways that a potential partner/investor/adviser can misinterpret your vision. Your vision is way too important to leave this up to chance.  I know you can create a great 10-12 slides that show how great your idea/company is but maybe you don’t know what the person is doing when they are reading your slides.  It is better if you leave as little to chance as possible.  Therefore wrap some audio into your presentation.

There are several ways to do this. You can record screenshots and videos with a program like CamtasiaDebut Video Capture or you can use a service like Brainshark to record audio with your powerpoint. There are several other ways to hack an audio file onto a presentation so I am sure you can find a way to do this. I am just strongly recommending you find a way to do it as it can be the difference between having an additional chat with someone and never hearing from them again.

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