Startup Weekend With Marc Nager

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learn more buttonStartup Weekend has events all around the globe and is helping entrepreneurs get their idea off the ground. They hold 54-hour weekend marathons that put people in a room and produce some kind of a usable product/service. If you have not been to one yet you should put it on your bucket list. Innovation happens at these events and companies are being launched as a result of them. They are truly helping thousands of people start a business or create a product each weekend where none existed before a weekend started. Marc Nager is the CEO of Startup Weekend and will be having a fireside chat with Derek Anderson on Jan 25th at 6 pm at the offices of Graham and Dunn Law on Pier 70. Derek Anderson, the founder of Startup Grind, which hosts events in 39 cities across the globe each month with the goal of inspiring, educating and connecting entrepreneurs  Started in Silicon Valley Derek has added 35 chapters in the last 9 months.

Between these two entrepreneur-friendly guests they know the pulse of the startup community like no other two people. They are able to share insights from around the world and have a unique perspective on how to create a lasting environment for startups. Learn about how companies are getting started by bootstrapping and by raising capital, learn how others are getting their ideas off the ground by sharing and relying on one another. Come meet these two entertaining and insightful founders with other like-minded founders, developers, and wantrepreneurs that will be in attendance. Enjoy wine, beer and good food (not pizza). To RSVP go here. 

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